Making the Switch

Switching from electricity to solar energy is a huge decision to make. There are many things to consider and tons of questions that a homeowner would want to ask before finally making up their mind on whether it is the right move or not.

If there are some things in your mind that you are wondering about, then you have come to the right place. We have collected the most commonly asked questions about solar energy and asked our experts to provide some informative answers to give light to the matter.

How Much Money Can I Save Switching to Solar?

For a typical American household, the savings from electricity bills amount to more than $1100 per year. In many areas, there is also a solar tax credit that can further increase your savings.

What Is the impact on the environment?

Unlike electricity that is produced from gas, coal or other fossil fuels, there is no danger of running out of solar energy because it comes from the sun, which will always be there no matter what. By using this renewable energy source, you can help reduce the environmental damage caused by burning fossil fuels to produce energy.

Will Solar Panels still work on cloudy days?

Solar panels rely on sunlight in order to generate energy. On cloudy or stormy days, the panels will still be able to generate electricity since the sun is still out somehow, but at a lower capacity than usual. The performance of the solar panel system will depend on how cloudy or stormy it is.

How do solar panels work at night?

At night there is no sunlight so the panels have nothing to work with. Instead, a solar system will typically let you use the excess electricity that it had generated during the day but has not yet been used. This excess is stored in solar batteries for this exact purpose.

What does net metering mean?

This is a system by which local utility companies are required to buy the excess electricity produced by private entities that make their own renewable energy. If you have your own solar panel system, your system will be connected to the grid and your utility company will actually pay you for the extra electricity that you create but do not use.

How many solar panels do I need for my home?

The average home will require approximately 20 to 25 solar panels in order to run completely on solar energy. The exact number will depend on factors such as geographic location, the quality of the panels, and the level of energy consumption in your home. Schedule a consultation with our team for a free solar assessment for your home.

Will solar panels increase the value of my home?

Real estate data shows that homes that are fitted with solar panels have considerably higher market value after the installation.

How our solar panel installation service works

Assessment of Home

We’ll get you started by assisting you in choosing the solar power system that meets your demands. We’ll make sure the product you choose fits in with the aesthetic of your home. We will check for the best sun exposure and any interference on your roof, like chimneys, vents, etc...

Site Inspection

Once you’ve chosen the right system, our team will come to your home for a pre-installation inspection. We’ll take all necessary measures to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Design of Solar System

Our engineering team will start to design your system using all data collected on the site inspection, and ensuring the blueprints are in full compliance with the county requirements for permitting.

System Installation

Once we get all permitting approval, our dedicated project manager will reach out to you to schedule the best day to install at your convenience. Our team will perform a seamless and clean installation that normally takes a couple of hours only.

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