An overview

According to a recent survey on solar energy, roughly a third of all solar-powered homes come with a battery backup system. It is not a requirement because the process of generating electricity by solar panels is completely independent of the solar battery. However, many homeowners choose to have it installed because of the many benefits that it can give.

That being said, there are a few things you have to consider before actually making the switch to solar. For starters, it does have pros and cons that you have to weigh carefully.

What is a backup battery?

A solar battery backup is essentially a storage space for all the excess electricity that your system is able to generate. If you do not have a battery system installed, all the produced electricity that you are not able to use is transmitted back to the grid. From here, it will be distributed to other homes or businesses in the community. Of course, your utility company will compensate you for this contribution but the downside is that you will not have backup power in case of an outage.

Another important use of battery backup is that you will always have power even at night or if the weather suddenly becomes cloudy. Shifting between the regular solar power supply and the battery backup is not noticeable at all. It is a seamless transfer that does not require manual switching and will not affect any of the operations in your home.

How our solar panel installation service works

Assessment of Home

We’ll get you started by assisting you in choosing the solar power system that meets your demands. We’ll make sure the product you choose fits in with the aesthetic of your home. We will check for the best sun exposure and any interference on your roof, like chimneys, vents, etc...

Site Inspection

Once you’ve chosen the right system, our team will come to your home for a pre-installation inspection. We’ll take all necessary measures to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Design of Solar System

Our engineering team will start to design your system using all data collected on the site inspection, and ensuring the blueprints are in full compliance with the county requirements for permitting.

System Installation

Once we get all permitting approval, our dedicated project manager will reach out to you to schedule the best day to install at your convenience. Our team will perform a seamless and clean installation that normally takes a couple of hours only.

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