Does solar power make sense for business?

If you own a business and are thinking of using a solar panel system to power your operations, you are on the right track! Solar power just makes sense for commercial businesses.

As a business person, you know that image and reputation can make or break a business. Today’s consumer wants to know that the businesses they support or frequent are responsible and “go green” in ways that are available to them, while still protecting the quality and the reasonable prices of the products and/or services that they provide. The use of solar energy is one way your business can achieve this. Solar is the ultimate in renewable, sustainable, clean energy. You will be reducing the carbon footprint of your business, and your customers will love knowing that.

At the same time, the bottom line is…well…the bottom line! We know that switching to solar energy has to be financially beneficial or it just isn’t feasible in today’s economy. The good news is that IONIX Solar Solutions has the best options available today for financing a solar power system that is specifically customized to meet the power needs of your commercial business with the highest possible savings. A quality, strategically and expertly installed solar power system combined with the net-metering program can usually dramatically reduce the power bill of a business. Your local IONIX Solar Solutions consultant can assess your power usage, your business and the physical structure of your roof or roofs, and determine the best solar energy plan for you. If it doesn’t make sense for your business, you simply won’t qualify! However due to the huge potential savings, you owe it to yourself and your business to take a closer look at going green with IONIX Solar!

How our solar panel installation service works

Assessment of Home

We’ll get you started by assisting you in choosing the solar power system that meets your demands. We’ll make sure the product you choose fits in with the aesthetic of your home. We will check for the best sun exposure and any interference on your roof, like chimneys, vents, etc...

Site Inspection

Once you’ve chosen the right system, our team will come to your home for a pre-installation inspection. We’ll take all necessary measures to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Design of Solar System

Our engineering team will start to design your system using all data collected on the site inspection, and ensuring the blueprints are in full compliance with the county requirements for permitting.

System Installation

Once we get all permitting approval, our dedicated project manager will reach out to you to schedule the best day to install at your convenience. Our team will perform a seamless and clean installation that normally takes a couple of hours only.

Why you should choose IONIX Solar

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