How it works?

Residential solar energy has become quite a popular topic in the last few years. More and more homeowners are making the switch to it from conventional energy. This is definitely a good trend. However, it is not wise to jump into the bandwagon without first having a thorough understanding of the matter.

How can your solar panel system power your home?

You have seen solar panels popping up all over your neighborhood and community. People are making the switch all around you in increasingly high numbers. Why is solar power becoming so popular? How does it work?

Solar power comes from our most powerful, renewable, unlimited power supply source: the sun. A personalized solar power system can be installed on your roof in the way best suited for you and your energy usage to optimally use the amount of the sun’s power available to you in your particular home within the climate that you live in. This means that the panels are not thrown up there randomly! One size or design does NOT fit all in the case of solar panel arrays.

IONIX will assess your home’s orientation on your property, the pitch and style of your roof, and your specific energy needs based on the previous usage, among other considerations. Using this information, a highly qualified IONIX solar solutions representative will determine your needs and help you to decide for yourself if you are ready to make the switch! This assessment will outline your options very clearly and help you discern if solar is the right choice for you.

If you qualify and decide to take advantage of this opportunity, the solar representative will design your personalized solar power system. This system will be designed to ensure that you are generating the maximum amount of power credits possible. The net-metering program is the best way to make sure that this switch to solar saves you, the consumer, money, not only in the summer months but all year round.

How our solar panel installation service works

Assessment of Home

We’ll get you started by assisting you in choosing the solar power system that meets your demands. We’ll make sure the product you choose fits in with the aesthetic of your home. We will check for the best sun exposure and any interference on your roof, like chimneys, vents, etc...

Site Inspection

Once you’ve chosen the right system, our team will come to your home for a pre-installation inspection. We’ll take all necessary measures to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Design of Solar System

Our engineering team will start to design your system using all data collected on the site inspection, and ensuring the blueprints are in full compliance with the county requirements for permitting.

System Installation

Once we get all permitting approval, our dedicated project manager will reach out to you to schedule the best day to install at your convenience. Our team will perform a seamless and clean installation that normally takes a couple of hours only.

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