Why Have Solar Panels in Utah?

The ecological benefits of using solar panels to utilize our most powerful source of clean energy continue to be unparalleled. The sun provides for all life on this planet, yet until fairly recently has been overlooked and underutilized as a means to power our modern lifestyles and home energy needs. Today’s solar panels are different from earlier models, and they are the best way to access our most consistent, powerful source of renewable energy. By using solar panels, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Each St. George solar panel home, reduces the carbon footprint of that family and reduces greenhouse gases in the surrounding area. Imagine the impact on our world and our health as more homes and neighborhoods make the switch to solar power!

Realistically speaking, no matter how good solar panels and solar energy are for the environment, most families cannot make the switch to solar, unless it makes sense financially. There are several financial reasons why solar panels are gaining traction. It’s time to take another look at St. George solar power.

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Why IONIX Solar Solutions?

Will your solar panel system be dependable and economical? It absolutely will be, for two very important reasons. The first reason to expect excellence from your IONIX solar panels is that we only use tier 1 panels. They are the highest quality solar panels on the market today, and therefore are the most efficient, durable, and reliable. You may be wondering about accidents, weather related incidents or malfunctions. Even the best products manufactured can sometimes encounter unforeseen extreme circumstances, right? Well the second reason to rest easy when using IONIX solar panel systems is that IONIX has partnered with the best solar insurer available. To date, we are the ONLY company in Idaho or Utah to offer a 30 year, “Bumper to bumper” warranty. That is almost unheard of until now, and offers peace of mind to st. George solar powered homes that choose IONIX .

Making the Switch to A Solar System

The use of solar energy for homes and businesses is increasing exponentially. Solar panels are rapidly popping up on roofs in your area, because the cost of solar panels have gone down, and the current government incentives to switch to solar are high. If you have not considered solar panels in St George, or you looked into it some time ago and were not convinced it was right for you, it’s time for a closer look!

Solar Eliminates Your Power Bill

IONIX Solar Solutions will do a careful study of your home and your power needs before qualifying you for this amazing opportunity. If your home’s orientation and roof-line, as well as your average power usage add up to a net savings, then you will be qualified to buy your solar panels and take advantage of the opportunity to eliminate your power bill. The cost of your panels will be less than your average bill in the previous year, and the energy produced will replace your need for a traditional power bill. Not only that, once you have paid off your solar panels, your energy will cost you nothing! The news gets even better when you consider that the average yearly increase in energy costs is 4%. Every single year, even if your energy use remains the same, your bill will increase. In fact in 2021, the energy cost inflation rate across the nation was a whopping 8%! In contrast to the yearly increase homeowners traditionally endure, the cost of your solar energy will be locked in, and eventually eliminated. It is very clear that the decreasing cost of solar panels and the increasing cost of traditional utility bills is making the choice to switch to solar energy an easy one!

Solar panels Increase Your Home Equity

A good solar panel array will increase the value of your home, but you may have heard differing statistics about how much the true increase will be. That is because not all solar panels produce as efficiently and are as durable and low maintenance as the tier 1 panels used by IONIX. The difference in reported home equity increase is also because some people are leasing or renting their equipment rather than buying it, which obviously means less of a home value increase. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has found that there is a 20 to 1 return on a home owner’s solar panel investment. With IONIX Solar Solutions, your personalized solar panel power array will be installed on your home expertly, and will produce optimally, with that amazing 30 year warranty included. We work carefully with our customers to ensure the best return on their investment possible.

The Net Metering Program

St. George is known for it’s wonderful sunny climate, making it a perfect location for using solar panels to harness solar energy. In fact, it typically has at least 255 sunny days a year which is well beyond the national average. Of course every day is not sunny, and there will definitely be snow which at times may obscure the panels. What happens then? These are valid concerns, and net-metering is the solution. Net metering makes solar power a viable economic choice even during cloudy or snowy seasons. A St. George solar powered home will still be connected to the regular power grid. During all those wonderful sunny days, your properly functioning solar power system will be able to produce energy than you need. Your extra solar energy will be stored in what could be called your power bank with your local utility company. When you need those credits in the cloudier winter months, they are yours! Your system will be designed to provide you with enough credits to come out net zero on your utility bill, hence the name net metering! If your system does’t produce the amount of power we say it will, don’t worry, you are covered under our bumper to bumper warranty. We will guarantee your energy production, and ensure that you will benefit from this awesome program.

Let The Government Pay For Part of Your Solar System!

How our solar panel installation service works

Assessment of Home

We’ll get you started by assisting you in choosing the solar power system that meets your demands. We’ll make sure the product you choose fits in with the aesthetic of your home. We will check for the best sun exposure and any interference on your roof, like chimneys, vents, etc...

Site Inspection

Once you’ve chosen the right system, our team will come to your home for a pre-installation inspection. We’ll take all necessary measures to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Design of Solar System

Our engineering team will start to design your system using all data collected on the site inspection, and ensuring the blueprints are in full compliance with the county requirements for permitting.

System Installation

Once we get all permitting approval, our dedicated project manager will reach out to you to schedule the best day to install at your convenience. Our team will perform a seamless and clean installation that normally takes a couple of hours only.

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